How do we save the children from becoming involved in violence and gangs? A difficult, complex question which has been studied intensely, both locally and nationally; and yet, we still find our communities suffering. The Ted Fund organization grew out of this troubling dilemma in an effort to have a positive impact on children during their unscheduled summer months.

The Ted Fund enables young school-age children the opportunity to attend the summer day camp of their choice for three consecutive years. They may also participate in the YWCA Evanston/North Shore Learn to Swim program.

Helping 3rd-5th graders find their way to becoming productive citizens by involving them in meaningful summer and after-school activities over a 3-year period is the mission of the successful Ted Fund, an Evanston-based organization founded in 1996. The Ted Fund is perhaps the leading organization in Evanston targeting this age group in this unique way. Studies have clearly indicated early intervention has positive impact on the present and future lives of these young children.

The Ted Fund is exemplary in its 3-year scholarship program to ‘level the playing field’ and have positive impact on children’s lives.  There is no other program offering a continuous 3-year summer day camp experience. More than a one-time exposure, our program provides stability, inclusion, and exciting anticipation of the next year’s summer experience, making this program especially strong: making friends, working as a team, receiving positive adult guidance, learning a new skill set, and having fun all the while!

Summer learning loss has a debilitating effect on those children from low income families unable to afford a camp program. As they return to school in September, they have often fallen behind their peers, academically and socially, having missed out on experiencing the development of social skills, building self-confidence, and spending quality time with positive role models.

We hope you will join us in our continuing mission to strengthen the development of our children—resulting in a stronger community as well.



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